Steady State is securing the future of DeFi. Our goal is to standardize protocol to protocol insurance solutions. We envision a decentralized ecosystem where Steady State is the benchmark insurer of the downside risks assets are exposed to. This past year recorded a cumulative loss of $500 million in smart contract exploits. Despite the growth in recent years, there remains a lack of confidence in DeFi among some individuals and institutions, which could lead to accelerated disruptive growth if addressed. This uncertainty is justified by the uninsured risks which remain prevalent within DeFi.
Steady State offers a unique insurance product by amalgamating several key features into a single efficient platform.
  • Crowdfunded coverage pools.
  • Index pools offering safer, more efficient insurance solutions.
  • Automated and unbiased claims
  • A proprietary Risk Analysis Database (RAD) to assist in risk pricing and claims assessment
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