DAO Proposal

What is the Role of the DAO?

Our governance solution ensures Steady State operates openly, transparently, and sustainably. Central to our governance model is the DAO, allowing STDY holders to have a key voice in Steady State's operations and long-term evolution. The DAO model is built on a foundation of sustainable growth and a sense of community that moves cohesively in one direction with the interests of all members being observed.

What are the abilities of the DAO?

  • Voting on and managing risk analysis used by our protocol: The decentralized system allows all STDY holders to have voting rights and influence in decision making congruent to their value.
  • Proposing improvements and changes to our protocol and network: Everyone's voice is valued and subject to consideration during decision-making.
  • Electing administrators for the DAO: Democracy is a culture firmly adhered to by the organization.
  • Suggesting changes to the Steady State governance model: The input of all STDY holders is welcome and highly encouraged.
  • Voting on measures to secure the network and its coverage pools: Steady State is constantly seeking to improve operational systems in a radically changing environment, as such input on security measures is greatly valued.
Last modified 1mo ago